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A Closer Look at Icon of the Seas’ AquaDome

Royal Caribbean is teasing us with more and more information about the new Icon of the Seas. One of the biggest changes of this ship will be a brand new AquaDome. This new neighborhood combines two signature Royal Caribbean features. 

If you’ve been on one of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships, you’re probably familiar with the AquaTheater, located at the aft of Deck 6, and the Solarium, located at the front of the ship on Deck 15. The AquaDome combines these two concepts into one and moves it to the front of the ship. It seems like the front part of the space will be more similar to the Solarium and the back part similar to the AquaTheater. 

In the newest episode of Royal Caribbean’s show “Making an Icon,” we get some insights into what the AquaDome will contain. 

Multipurpose space that changes throughout the day

solarium area of the aquadome on icon of the seas
The front of the Aqua Dome looks very similar to the Solarium found on Quantum-class ships

On a cruise ship, real estate is a precious commodity and having a venue that’s only used for one thing is a complete waste of space. For example, on Oasis-class ships, the Solarium is busy during the day but practically abandoned after 7 PM. On the other hand, the AquaTheater sits unused for much of the day and comes to life in the evening. The AquaDome will address this issue by combining them and changing functions throughout the day. 

Quiet, relaxing space during the day

tiered seating in aquadome
Tiered seating provides lots of quiet places for relaxation

During the day, the AquaDome will function much like the Solarium on a Quantum-class ship. It’ll be fully enclosed with 220-degree ocean views and lots of comfy seating scattered around the space. It’s not yet known if it will be adults-only like the spaces on the Quantum and Oasis-class ships, but it at least looks relaxing. 

view from aquadome
The AquaDome will provide some of the best views of the ocean

The AquaTheater portion of the dome won’t be unused though. It’ll have fountain shows throughout the day. Guests can lounge on the stairs around the theater portion to enjoy the fountains while grabbing food or drinks in the area.

fountains on icon of the seas
During the day, fountain shows will provide relaxing atmosphere

Amazing Aqua Theater Performances

At night, the AquaDome will be home to impressive aquatic performances. It takes the aquashows from the Oasis-class ships and upgrades them. 

aquadome with aquatheater
Aqua Theater layout in the AquaDome. You can see an unnamed bar and restaurant in the render

The dome will allow aerialists to fly through the space using winches and ropes. And for the first time, two performers will be able to fly simultaneously, seemingly dancing in midair. The theater will also have two 60-foot-high diving platforms for some amazing acrobatics. A new falling water feature has also been added that should provide stunning effects at night when illuminated. 

Royal Caribbean has also added four robotic arms that will move throughout the performance. These are an evolution of the robotic arms found in Two70 on the Quatum-class ships. 

aqua performance in the aquadome
Four robotic arms will move throughout performances, similar to the robots in the Two70 lounge on Quantum-class ships.

The back of the theater will have covers that can open and close. This functionality will allow natural light during the day, but at night, it’ll provide a solid surface for projections during performances. 

aqua thear in aquadome
Moving panels allow Royal Caribbean to control just how much natural light comes in.

AquaDome bars and restaurants

The AquaDome will also have some bars and restaurants. Hooked Seafood, a specialty seafood restaurant, will be on one side of the AquaDome. The other side will also have a dining venue, but Royal Caribbean hasn’t yet released the same of the restaurant. It’s speculated that this will be similar to the Solarium Bistro found on other Royal Caribbean ships. Coastal Kitchen, the restaurant exclusively for suite guests, also seems to overlook this area.

The only bar we know for sure is the tree-shaped bar that’s been installed in the front of the AquaDome. 

bar in AquaDome on Icon of the Seas
The AquaDome will feature new bars and restaurants. This is the only one currently shown.

You can watch the whole video here.

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