About Cruise Spotlight

Founded in 2020, Cruise Spotlight’s goal is to help people understand every aspect of cruising. Plenty of sites focus on the perfect Instagram pictures and marketing fluff. We focus on what really matters: onboard expenses, tips for cruise ships, detailed cruise reviews, and more. Our goal is to provide helpful, unbiased information to new and established cruisers. Over the years, we’ve helped millions of people get the most from their cruise vacation.

What you can expect from us:

What you won’t see from us:

  • Republished press releases
    • Unlike other sites, we refuse to republish press releases exactly as the cruise lines send out. Instead, we analyze them, cut through the marketing fluff, and tell you why, or why not, it’s exciting or important.
  • Emails with sales pushes
    • We’re not a travel agency, so you won’t see emails pushing you to book a cruise through us
  • Cruise line bias
    • We’re not loyal to any cruise line. We tell it like it is.
  • Scrapped, inaccurate data
    • Lots of sites automatically scrape data from cruise line websites leading to misinformation. We manually gather, review, and enter all information ourselves, verifying it not just with the cruise lines, but with active cruisers on the ships.

We love hearing from you

The cruise community is so vibrant and welcoming. We’re always happy to hear from our readers. You can reach us on any of our social media.

Randy Young

Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Cruise Spotlight

With a rich background in marketing spanning 20 years, Randy has seamlessly blended his professional expertise with his personal passion for cruising. He started in the electrical field, working with a wide-range of products including TVs, copiers, light bulbs, and EV chargers. He’s known for his ability to analyze complex concepts and statistics, making them understandable and relatable to his audience. His writing has been featured in numerous trade publications like Electrical Construction & Maintenance, The Electrical Wholesaler, TED Magazine, and more.

Randy’s journey with cruising began two decades ago when his grandparents took him on his first cruise on the original Carnival Celebration. It unlocked a new passion in him, and since then, he has explored countless ships, always eager to uncover every detail and difference. As he planned his personal vacations, he put together meticulously detailed spreadsheets to help evaluate the options for upcoming cruises.

He started Cruise Spotlight to take those learnings and share them with the cruise community. Known for his detailed and analytical coverage, Randy aims to provide cruisers with a comprehensive picture of each ship’s offerings, ensuring that his readers are well-informed and prepared for their voyages. His commitment to delivering high-quality, detailed content has made Cruise Spotlight a trusted resource for cruise enthusiasts.

Randy can be reached at randy@cruisespotlight.com

randy young with iguanas in Roatan, Honduras