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Carnival Introduces High-end Mocktails

Carnival cruise line’s beverage program is one of the best in the cruise industry. Their ships have a variety of bars, with many having dedicated bar menus. Guests have a huge number of different drinks and cocktails to choose from while on their vacation. Unfortunately, the choices are much more limited if you are looking for non-alcoholic beverages. Carnival has heard this feedback and created new non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Lyre’s is the key to the non-alcoholic cocktail experience

While it’s pretty easy to make a non-alcoholic drink, making a well-balanced non-alcoholic cocktail is a challenge. Mocktails usually end up being very sweet and fruity, most of the time resembling a watered-down smoothie. To help give Carnival’s alcohol-free cocktails a more balanced and authentic flavor, they turned to Lyre’s. 

Carnival The Remedy Cocktail with Lyres non-alcoholic spirits
Alcohol Free The Remedy Cocktail using Lyre’s Non-alcoholic spirits (image courtesy of Carnival)

Carnival says Lyre’s is “the world’s most awarded line of non-alcoholic spirits and a global leader in the emerging segment.” They make a non-alcoholic mixer that uses all-natural essences, extracts, and distillates to match the taste and appearance of an alcoholic spirit. The result gives a more realistic and balanced flavor.

Non-alcoholic twists on Alchemy Bar classics

Carnival’s Alchemy Bar is the go-to place for craft cocktails on most Carnival ships. It’s hopping each night as guests stop by for pre- and post-dinner drinks. The Alchemy Bar typically has some amazing bartenders/mixologists who create delicious cocktails each evening. Themed after an old apothecary, the “pharmacists” whip up some delicious concoctions at Alchemy Bar.

Alchemy Bar - Carnival Horizon
The Alchemy Bar on the Carnival Horizon

While there is a set menu with some unique and delicious drinks (the cucumber sunrise is a personal favorite), the Alchemy Bartenders could also whip up a drink based on your preferences. That would include non-alcoholic drinks, but since they weren’t advertising that was possible, many guests who didn’t drink alcohol wouldn’t think to go to the bar. 

carnival cucumber sunrise non-alcoholic
Alcohol-free Cucumber Sunrise (image courtesy of Carnival)

Now, Carnival has taken some of their most popular Alchemy Bar drinks and made mocktail versions of them. 

  • Martini Seduction: Red passion fruit nectar, fresh lime juice and a hint of orange mix with Lyre’s White Cane instead of vodka to create this swoon-worthy drink.
  • Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini: Lyre’s Agave Blanco stands in for vodka to bring this spicy, pineapple cocktail into its non-alcoholic form.
  • The Remedy: Orange juice, pineapple and fresh lime juice are mixed with Lyre’s White Cane and Spiced Cane instead of dark and coconut rum.
  • Hearts of Fire: This award-winning concoction featuring fresh thyme and raspberries is re-imagined with Lyre’s Dry London instead of gin.
  • Restorative Basil Drop: Lyre’s Dry London is mixed with fresh basil and citrus to stimulate and restore the senses.
  • The Perfect Storm: This invigorating boost features strawberry puree, fresh lime and a hit of rosemary and Lyre’s Dry London instead of vodka.
  • Cucumber Sunrise: Another award-winning favorite among Carnival guests delivers the same light and delicious flavor with watermelon nectar, cucumber, lime juice and a splash of orange juice mixed with Lyre’s Agave Blanco instead of vodka.
carnival chipotle pineapple martini alcohol-free
Alcohol-free Chipotle Pineapple Martini (image courtesy of Carnival)

Carnival is ahead of the pack with their non-alcoholic offerings

Non-alcoholic offerings have always been slim on a cruise ship. Carnival’s new initiative gives more options to those guests who choose to abstain or just need a break from alcohol. On top of the seven mocktails above, Carnival will also offer Lyre’s alcohol-free prosecco in the Main Dining Room. Hopefully other cruise lines will notice and start diversifying their alcohol-free offerings.

Want to see the full alcoholic cocktail menus for Carnival?

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