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Disney Adventure: Setting Sail from Singapore in 2025

Disney Cruise Line is set to make waves in Asia with the introduction of the Disney Adventure, the first Disney ship to homeport in the region. Starting in 2025, this unique vessel will offer families a magical vacation experience with three- and four-night voyages from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre in Singapore.

Disney Adventure Is Completely Different From the Rest of the Fleet

global dream construction

This Disney Adventure isn’t going to be like any of Disney’s existing ships. That’s because it wasn’t originally built for Disney. What’s now the Disney Adventure was supposed to be the Global Dream. That ship was commissioned by Dream Cruises in 2018 as a mega-ship to sail the Asia market. It would have a movie theater, theme park, and artificial intelligence, making it the most advanced ship at sea. The cruise line went out of business, and in 2022, Disney bought the Global Dream, which was midway through construction.

At the Destination D23 conference in September 2023, Disney officially announced that the ship would be known as the Disney Adventure and would undergo significant customization. It would be the first Disney ship to be based outside of the US.

Disney Adventure Will Be One of the Top 10 Largest Ships in the World

According to Disney, the ship will be one of the largest ships in the world, coming in at 208,000 gross tons and carrying around 6,700 guests and 2,500 crew members. To put that in perspective, that’s smaller than Royal Caribbean’s long-time record-holding Oasis-class ships but larger than Carnival’s largest class of ships, the Excel-class.

Compared to Disney’s largest ships, the Wish and Treasure, the Adventure will be 44% larger, holding 22% more guests. That means the space-ratio (tons per passenger) will be higher of any of Disney’s ships so far, which means it should be less crowded.

A Magical Destination at Sea

The Disney Adventure is more than just a cruise; it’s a floating world of Disney magic. Sharon Siskie, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Cruise Line, emphasized the ship’s unique offerings: “When they set sail on the Disney Adventure, guests will find incredible, immersive areas that bring the worlds of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel to life in ways like never before.”

Disney Adventure Has 7-Themed Areas

Like all the largest ships sailing, the Adventure is split into seven themed areas. This segmentation helps reduce crowds and make navigating the ship easiser.

  1. Disney Imagination Garden: The heart of the ship is an enchanting space inspired by Disney’s timeless adventures. It offers open-air performances and a charming garden setting.
  2. Disney Discovery Reef: An ethereal retreat evoking aquatic stories from “The Little Mermaid” to “Finding Nemo,” with shopping and dining options.
  3. San Fransokyo Street: Inspired by “Big Hero 6,” this vibrant street market features interactive games, shops, and entertainment.
  4. Wayfinder Bay: A Pacific Islands-inspired poolside oasis, reflecting the artistry of “Moana,” perfect for relaxation and exclusive entertainment.
  5. Town Square: A celebration of Disney royals with nods to beloved stories like “Tangled” and “Frozen,” featuring shops, lounges, and entertainment venues.
  6. Marvel Landing: A destination for Marvel fans with attractions and experiences showcasing favorite superheroes.
  7. Toy Story Place: A whimsical playland with themed food venues and water play areas, inspired by the “Toy Story” movies.

Familiar Disney Experiences Will Carry Over to the Adventure

The Disney Adventure will uphold many of the same traditions that the other Disney ships day. The cabins will feature Disney’s popular split-bath concept, making it easier for families to get together at once. It’ll also feature Disney’s rotational dining, where guests will go to a different dining room each night while their server stays the same. Of course, it’s a Disney ship, so it’ll have dedicated spaces for kids, tweens, and teens to ensure that younger cruisers have a blast while adults can unwind with premium dining, lounges, and spa experiences.

A Collaboration with Singapore

The Disney Adventure’s launch from Singapore is part of a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, highlighting the city’s strategic location and world-class port infrastructure. As part of this partnership, Disney has agreed to the Adventure staying in Singapore for at least 5 years.

More Details on Disney Adventure to Come

The Adventure will set sail in 2023. More details about the Disney Adventure’s maiden voyage and onboard experiences will be announced in the coming months (most likely at the next D23).

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