Drink Package Calculator

Is a drink package worth it for you? This handy tool lets you see if it’s better to pay out of pockets for drinks or to sign up for the drink package. Most cruise lines require that EVERYONE who is in the cabin and 21 or older to purchase the package.

How many of each do you think you’ll have a day?

Frozen Drinks:
Gourmet Coffees:
Bottles of water:

Cost paying per drink: $
Cost of drink package: $

Don’t forget about these…

Reusable Metal Straws

To help save the environment, many cruise lines are no longer providing plastic straws. While there are some alternatives on board such as paper or candy straws, they’re just not the same. If you’re a big drinker, consider bringing your own reusable straws.

These have worked great on countless cruises. They’re collapsible so they easily fit into a pocket or bag and work from everything from a cocktail to hurricane glass.

Reusable Metal Straws Collapsible with Case

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