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How Celebrity Beyond is Different from Edge and Apex

Last Updated on April 29, 2022

In April 2022, Celebrity Cruise Lines will welcome the newest ship to its fleet, the Celebrity Beyond. The third in the Edge-class of ships, Beyond will feature significant structural changes that set it apart from its siblings, Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex. That means it’s just not another iteration of the basic Edge ship design, but an evolution. 

The Beyond is noticeably larger than its siblings. It’s almost 10,000 more tons and holds 12% more passengers than the Edge. It’s not about just cramming more people onto the ship, though. Instead, the architects of the Beyond expanded many key public spaces and improved upon the already well-received design.

What’s different on Celebrity Beyond?

Expanded “The Resort” Area

pool deck of Celebrity Beyond
The pool on the Retreat Area of the Celebrity Beyond is one of the longest at sea

The main pool deck will have 40% more space than its sister ships, giving an even more open feel. “The Resort” area will still feature a single, humongous 25-yard lap pool and two “martini glass” jacuzzis. The design remains asymmetric, with different levels of seating, all facing the ocean for a beautiful view rather than just facing the pool. It’s another way the designers have tried to make guests feel connected with the sea. 

Two-Story “The Retreat” Area on the Beyond

The Beyond also sees the upgrade of “The Retreat,” which will be available exclusively to suite guests. The space will have a dedicated lounge and a two-story deck.

pool and chairs on top of Celebrity Beyond
The new 2-story Retreat Sundeck gives you exclusive access to a pool, bar, and comfy chairs.

Celebrity has also added several new types of cabins in this area. One of the most impressive is the two-story villas with private plunge pools or staterooms with decks overlooking the water. 

Villa cabin with plunge pool on Celebrity Beyond
Unique two-story villas with plunge pool

More Spacious “The Grand Plaza”

Grand plaza atrium bar on celebrity beyond
The Martini Bar and Atrium have been supersized on the Beyond

The main lobby or atrium of a ship sets the whole tone for the onboard experience. It’s where people tend to congregate in the evenings and where you’ll find live music and events. On the Edge and Apex, the Grand Plaza atrium features the very popular Martini Bar and a large LED sculpture behind it. Even though it was 3-stories, the original space had a more compact feeling to it. On the Beyond, the Grand Plaza is expanded for a much airier feeling. It’ll still be home to the Martini Bar, but it’ll change to a full circular bar with a LED chandelier rather than a bar at the end of the room with a large LED backdrop. 

Expanded “The Rooftop Garden” on the Celebrity Beyond

rooftop garden render on Celebrity Beyond
New design of the rooftop garden

The Rooftop Garden will get an upgrade as well, which makes it even more appealing to guests. Home to a restaurant, lots of comfy seating, and various plants and sculptures, it’s a popular spot on the ship with passengers. On the Beyond, it’s 20% larger than the Edge and Apex and has two cantilevered pools that extend over the water. In addition, they’ve added new windbreaks and spoilers to help reduce the gusts in this area. It makes it a great place to grab a snack, enjoy a cocktail, or even watch a movie. 

two infinity pools on cruise ship
The Rooftop Garden on the Beyond adds two new cantilevered pools.

New Restaurant – Le Voyage

Le Voyage Restaurant on Celebrity Beyond
Entrance to the new Le Voyage Restaurant

The Beyond will see the introduction of a new dining venue, Le Voyage. Created by the world-renown Daniel Boulud, this specialty restaurant will feature global cuisine. The restaurant has a unique look too, with intimate seating “cocoons” with lots of layers of light creating dynamic depth. This restaurant makes use of the new space added to this ship; it’s not replacing another restaurant found on the Edge-class ships. 

What’s the same on Celebrity Beyond?

Magic Carpet

magic carpet restaurant on cruise ship
Magic Carpet set up as a restaurant

The Beyond will feature many favorites from the Edge and Apex ships. The most notable being the Magic Carpet, a moving platform cantilevered over the size of the ship. During evenings and sea days, it becomes a bar or restaurant. When the ship arrives at a port that needs a tender, or water taxi, to get to shore, the Magic Carpet descends to the lowest level and becomes a platform. It makes for one of the smoothest tendering loading possible and way better than what is found on most ships today. 


eden restaurant
The plants, full glass walls, and multiple levels given Eden a different feeling throughout the day

The Beyond also has “Eden,” a space that first originated on the Edge. It is a multi-level venue with restaurants, live entertainment, and huge windows overlooking the ocean. When Celebrity first introduced Eden, the space was filled with in-your-face, experiential entertainment, but due to guest feedback, that’s been removed for the most part. Now you’ll find more traditional music and entertainment options here in the evenings. You’ll still find two beautiful dining venues here, the Eden Cafe and Eden Restaurant, as well as the Eden Bar. 

Beautiful Decor

Elephant sculpture on Celebrity Beyond
Each resort pool on an Edge class ship has a signature sculpture at the end. The beyond has a man balancing an elephant

Celebrity’s Edge-class ships took decor to a new level with elegant finishes, crystal accents, and sweeping lines. It makes them some of the classiest ships at sea, and the Beyond continues that tradition. For this ship, Celebrity tried to up their game even further. Nate Berkus helped design the new two-story Sunset Bar on the back of the ship, while Kelly Hoppen redesigned the Rooftop Garden. All around the ship, you’ll be taking in the artsy, very tasteful decor. 

Main Dining Rooms

Cosmopolitan restaurant on a cruise ship
The Cosmopolitan Restaurant is one of the four venues that replace the traditional main dining room

On the Edge-class ships, the traditional main dining room has been removed and replaced with four smaller venues, and that continues on the Beyond. The Cyprus, Tuscan, Normandie, and Cosmopolitan restaurants serve the same purpose as the main dining room, providing dinner to guests with no additional fee. Each venue has individual menus with different cuisine and decor. 

Celebrity Beyond is an exciting addition to the fleet

celebrity beyond cruise ship on sea

The Celebrity Beyond takes the very well-received design of the Edge and Apex ships and further refines it. People who sailed on the previous Edge-class ships rarely complained about lack of space, so it’s surprising to see that Celebrity expanded this ship so much, with much of it going to open areas. The added space gives an opportunity for upgraded versions of the Sunset Bar, The Retreat, the Grand Plaza, and the Rooftop Garden that look amazing. Guests who have enjoyed the Celebrity Edge and Apex will also love the Beyond. However, for traditional Celebrity cruisers who don’t want the new take of cruising found on the Edge-class ships, the Beyond might be another disappointment. 

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