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More Details About the New Sun Princess

Last Updated on October 29, 2023

Today, Princes Cruises released more information about their next generation of cruise ship, the Sun Princess. The first in the Sphere-class of ship, the Sun Princess is a whole new design for Princess Cruise Line. It’s bigger and grander than anything they’ve done before. We saw some early renders back in September (see the story here), but now they’re giving us a sneak peek at some of the interior areas. 

Horizons Dining Room on Sun Princess

horizons dining room on sun princess
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

The Horizons Dining Room will be Princess’ first three-story dining venue. Located at the rear of the ship on levels 6 to 8, the restaurant will offer incredible views of the water. Each level of the dining room will have its own decor and unique dining experiences with varying levels of formality. 

Princess Arena: a theater in the round

princess arena theater in the round
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

We also got a look at the new Princess Arena. It’s a theater in the round with flexible configurations that will let the space transform for different performances. The round design goes well with the “sphere” design used throughout the ship. It’s a good-sized theater that can seat up to 1,000 people. Unfortunately, that means only about a quarter of the ship can see a performance. It’s on par with other new ship builds from most cruise lines, but fans of smaller ships may be disappointed (theaters on smaller ships usually hold about half the guests). 

Looking at the renders, you can see the fantastic sightlines; there’s not a pole or obstruction in sight. The space itself feels very contemporary but also classic in its ambiance. 

Super-sized casino on Sun Princess

cruise ship casino on sun pricess
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

The Princess Casino will be the largest casino in the fleet, both in terms of sheer size and the number of seats. They’ll have over 200 of the latest, and most popular, slot and video poker machines. The casino will be right off the Piazza, making it easy to get to. Hopefully, they have design elements in place to keep smoke from flowing into the general areas of the ship. 

Crown Grill 

crown grill steakhouse
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

The Crown Grill, Princess’s signature steakhouse, keeps the traditional steakhouse feel but modernizes it a bit. The black and white checkered flooring offers a classic feel, while the large, circular lighting fixtures bring a more contemporary feel to the space. The restaurant is very open but still maintains that intimate feel that is important in a steakhouse dining experience. Crown Grill will also feature the largest show galley on a Princess ship. 

Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria

italian restaurant on princess cruise ship
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

If you’ve dined at a Sabatini’s on another Princess ship, the first thing you’ll notice is the warm tones and pops of color in the Sun Princess’ version of this popular Italian restaurant. Continuing with the sphere theme seen throughout the ship, the main room is a large circle around a beautiful amber-colored light fixture. Bistro tables along the sides of the room provide a more intimate space. Guests will also be able to visit a pasta room to see the pasta-making process first-hand. 

It’s nice when Italian restaurants throw out the traditional checkered tablecloth or “rustic Italian” vibe and go for something truly unique. 

Upgraded Alfredo’s Pizzeria

alfredos pizzeria on sun princess
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

Princess is often ranked as having some of the best pizza at sea according to guests, travel writers, and blogs. Alfredo’s Pizzeria will continue that tradition. On Sun Princess, this restaurant will have an open-mouth oven that can reach 968 degrees. That’s way hotter than the conveyor-style pizza ovens you’ll see on some other cruise lines. It will produce a perfectly crisp crust with beautifully browned cheese. 

Alfredo’s Pizzeria is very open with large windows to one side letting in lots of natural light. Cove lighting is also used to increase the airiness of the space and make it a great place to grab a quick slice. 

Princess Live!

princess live stage
Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line

I’ve always thought the “Princess Live!” name was incredibly odd for a space. It sounds more like an activity than a place on the ship, but they’re continuing that trend on Sun Princess. On this ship, they combine elements from Princess Live! and the Explorer’s Lounge into one venue. 

The space will be home to game shows, activities, and the daily Wake show. The new, open design makes it easy to stop in for an activity and then continue to grab food at a nearby venue. The stage has a large LED screen behind a curtain that can be used to enhance performances. 

Crooners and Wheelhouse Bar

Wheelhouse Bar
Wheelhouse Bar (Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line)

Crooners and Wheelhouse Bar both receive makeovers as well. As seen in the rest of the ship, both spaces feature an elegant yet modern look. Even looking at the two pictures, it’s hard to tell the bars apart. That speaks a lot for the designers, as other new ships, like the Norwegian Prima, can have a mishmash of design elements giving the ship a disjointed feel. The spaces feel cozy and intimate without being closed off. 

crooners Bar
Crooners Bar (Image courtesy of Princess Cruise Line)

The Sun Princess will arrive in 2024

Overall, the Sun Princess looks like an excellent new build for the line. It has a very elegant feel without being too stuffy or gaudy. The cohesiveness through all the spaces shows how much attention the designers paid to the guest experience. We still have plenty to learn more Sun Princess as it gets closer to its 2024 debut. The first sailings are already on sale. You can see a deck plan and itineraries on the Princess Cruises website.

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