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Norwegian Adding 8 Ships Over the Next 12 Years

In a press release today, Norwegian Cruise Line announced that they’ll be adding 8 brand-new ships to the fleet over the next 12 years. With these additions, the Norwegian’s fleet will grow by 40%. 

2025 and 2026: Prima Class

The follow-up ships to the Prima and Viva will be slightly different than their predecessors. The 3rd and 4th ships in the Prima-class will be 10% larger than the Norwegian Prima and Viva. Norwegian has been inconsistent in their naming of these ships, sometimes referring to them as “Prima Class” and other times “Prima Plus Class.” 

We already know the 3rd ship will be named the Norwegian Aqua. It will feature 10% more exterior space and get rid of the race track in favor of a new Aqua Coaster. It’ll also keep the very popular Indulge Food Hall. 

2027 and 2028: Prima Class

The 5th and 6th ships in the Prima class will be 20% larger than the Prima and Viva and just slightly larger than the Norwegian Encore, their largest ship currently. No other details are yet available for these ships. 

2030 – 2026: New Class of Ship

The announcement said they’ll be adding 4 of a new class of ship starting in 2030. This class of ship will be 200,000 gross tons, almost 20% larger than the Encore, and will hold nearly 5,000 guests. That size is right in between the largest ships of their competitors, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class and Carnival’s Excel class. 

Lots of possibilities for Norwegian Cruise Line

This announcement shows an aggressive growth plan for the company. Adding these new ships will help them keep up with the competition if they do it right. Overall, the Prima-class hasn’t been as well received as new ships from competitors, so it’ll be interesting to see if the feedback they received as they go forward. 

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