Norwegian Awards 20 Teachers With 7-Day Cruise

Today, Norwegian Cruise Line announced the winners of its fourth annual “Giving Joy” contest. Norwegian has been running this program since 2019 to pay tribute to teachers across North America for their tireless dedication and hard work.

Over the years, Norwegian’s Giving Joy contest has awarded over 250 educators with a free cruise. In partnership with their sponsors, they’ve also donated over $350,000 to local schools and teachers. 

The 20 winners of this year’s program will receive a 7-day cruise for two. Unlike last year, which was one event for all the winners, this year’s winners could choose their own sailing. The only restrictions are that the cruise has to leave from US and Canada between now and the end of 2024. 

On top of that, Norwegian choose three grand prize winners to attend the exclusive four-day christening voyage for the Norwegian Viva. The event, held on November 28, will treat them to a VIP experience, including performances by the Norwegian Viva’s Godfather, five-time Latin GRAMMY winner Luis Fonsi. 

Norwegian also worked with their beverage partner, Coca-Cola, to provide the airfare for these winners to get to the departure port. 

Over 3,400 teachers from around the US and Canada participated in the event. Combined, these hard-working educators received hundreds of thousands of votes. 

The grand prize winners are:

  • Ryan Price from Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy in Vacaville, Calif.
  • Carolyn Reardon from James Otis Elementary School in Chicago, Ill.
  • Angelo Mirante from Lakewood High School in Arlington, Wash.

To learn more about the 20 winners, visit

Kudos to Norwegian Cruise Line for honoring these hard-working men and women. 

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Randy Young

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