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Norwegian is Making the Viva More Kid-friendly

Last Updated on April 8, 2024

Today, Norwegian alerted guests on board its newest ship, the Norwegian Viva, that they’ll be adding a new venue during the sailing, the Entourage Teen Club. It’s a very unusual change; this kind of work is typically completed during dry docks with no guests on board. In addition, the Viva isn’t even a year old. But it’s clear they’re trying to improve guests’ satisfaction on their newest ship. 

Prima-class isn’t exactly kid-friendly

When the Norwegian Prima debuted, it was clear it was not a ship for children. The Splash Academy was downsized and the Splash Park was laughably basic. Kids would use up using the multi-million dollar art concourse as a playground. Also missing was Norwegian’s Entourage teen club, a dedicated space for teenagers that are on many other ships in the fleet.

It was even more confusing when Norwegian launched the sister ship, the Viva, and they didn’t make any changes.

Entourage Teen Club on Norwegian Bliss
The Norwegian Bliss has an impressive Entourage Teen Club while they eliminated the spaced completely on the Viva.

Entourage Teen Club will replace Speedway Bar

According to a letter sent to guests on the upcoming Transatlantic sailing, the new Entourage will replace the Speedway Bar. The Entourage Teen Club is dedicated to guests ages 13 to 17. Originally, Norwegian said the thought was that teen meetups would just happen around the ship in various venues. In reality, it meant teens had nowhere to socialize and would be in hallways, lounges, and stairwells. 

speed way bar
The Entourage Teen Club will replace the Speedway Bar

The Speedway Bar is often under-utilized on the Prima and Viva ships. It’s tucked away behind the raceway and overlooks the Vibe Beach Club. 

Galaxy Pavillion will also get an upgrade

galaxy pavilion entrance
Galaxy Pavilion virtual reality arcade will also get some upgrades.

According to the letter, the Galaxy Pavillion will also get some upgrades. While it does disclose the details, hopefully it includes better games. While the space is now, some of the games felt painfully dated, especially for teenagers who are used to cutting-edge level graphics on the newest Xbox and Playstation games. 

Norwegian letter in full

This letter was sent to guests on the April 7 – 26 transatlantic sailing.

“As part of our commitment to continuously offer extraordinary vacation experiences for our guests around the world, and to uphold a consistent world-class product across our fleet, Norwegian Viva will be undergoing some enhancements during your cruise. The Speedway Bar will be converted into an all-new Entourage, offering teenagers aged 13 to 17 a dedicated area for them to meet and engage with others their age. Additionally, we will be making some upgrades to the Galaxy Pavilion, the virtual reality complex. 

To complete these enhancements, The Bull’s Eye, Tee Time (mini-golf), The Stadium, The Wave and a section of the Galaxy Pavilion will be closed during your voyage. However, if we are able to reopen these venues during this voyage, we will communicate accordingly. Rest assured, there will still be plenty of activities available to entertain you during your days at sea, including the Speedway, The Drop, The Rush, the Aqua Park and so much more!”

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