RCL Deluxe Beverage Package Analysis

What’s the best deal on Royal Caribbean’s “Deluxe Beverage Package”? It’s hard to tell. Royal Caribbean uses “dynamic pricing” meaning they can change the cost depending on the time of year, the ship you’re on, the number of days, when you buy it, and more. It makes it nearly impossible to quickly predict the best pricing you might see for your cruise. We took a survey though to give you some guidelines.

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Liquors served on Royal Caribbean ships

Here are the prices other people are seeing for Royal Caribbean’s Deluxe Beverage Package.

Minimum Price Per Day$30
Average Price Per Day$64
Maximum Price Per Day$98
ShipMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
Adventure of the Seas$38$ 64$80
Allure of the Seas$30$ 65$88
Anthem of the Seas$44$ 55$72
Brilliance of the Seas$36$ 61$89
Enchantment of the Seas$47$ 57$72
Explorer of the Seas$50$ 65$70
Freedom of the Seas$49$ 68$89
Grandeur of the Seas$35$ 61$69
Harmony of the Seas$30$ 67$98
Independence of the Seas$40$ 66$89
Jewel of the Seas$53$ 60$68
Liberty of the Seas$43$ 59$90
Mariner of the Seas$52$ 69$93
Navigator of the Seas$30$ 68$89
Oasis of the Seas$33$ 65$98
Odyssey of the Seas$50$ 67$89
Ovation of the Seas$47$ 56$72
Quantum of the Seas$50$ 59$89
Radiance of the Seas$47$ 53$64
Serenade of the Seas$47$ 55$72
Spectrum of the Seas$97$ 97$97
Symphony of the Seas$50$ 66$89
Vision of the Seas$52$ 52$52
Voyager of the Seas$51$ 63$79
Wonder of the Seas$51$ 67$89
Departure PortMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
Anchorage$51$ 52$53
Baltimore$47$ 57$72
Bayonnne (Cape Liberty)$30$ 62$98
Boston$51$ 51$51
Fort Lauderdale$30$ 66$90
Galveston$43$ 61$80
Los Angeles$30$ 68$89
Miami$35$ 66$98
Nassau$58$ 58$58
Orlando (Port Canaveral)$40$ 68$98
San Juan$50$ 59$79
Seattle$47$ 57$89
Seward$36$ 49$64
Tampa$47$ 59$89
Vancouver$49$ 64$97
Cruise LengthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
3 days$40$ 65$83
4 days$42$ 68$90
5 days$30$ 67$97
6 days$30$ 65$89
7 days$30$ 63$98
8 days$30$ 65$88
9 days$35$ 54$72
10 days$52$ 62$78
11 days$44$ 47$50
12 days$47$ 54$60
13 days$47$ 63$80
14 days$35$ 60$83

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