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See the New Spa and Fitness Center on Norwegian Prima and Viva

Last Updated on May 9, 2022

We’ve learned a lot about the Norwegian Prima and Viva over the past few months. They’re the newest ships from Norwegian Cruise Line and represent a whole new class of ship with a complete redesign. So far, we’ve seen some really impressive renders with a high-end feel and modern design.

Now we get a good look at the spa and fitness centers on the Prima and Viva. They’re just as strikingly beautiful as the rest of the ship. If you’re a fan of going to the spa, you’ll love these facilities. 

Over the years, the spas on cruise ships have gotten bigger and better. At first, ships just had a basic gym and a few rooms to give massages. Now cruise ship spas are completely tricked out with specialized rooms, heated loungers, aromatherapy rooms, and so much more.

Putting Fitness Front and Center

Spa and Fitness Center on Norwegian Prima and Viva
The spa and fitness center have prime placement right under the Observation Lounge

In a first for Norwegian Cruise Lines, the spa and fitness center will be located at the front of the ship, right underneath the Observation Lounge. With this premium placement, they’ll offer expansive windows with 270-degree views of the vista. It’s hard to beat the beautiful view of the blue ocean in front of you as you jog on a treadmill, seemingly walking on water. 

relaxation room in spa on Norwegian Prima and Viva
The relaxation room has heated loungers and overlooks the front of the ship

This change is interesting as many other cruise lines used to offer front-facing spas and fitness centers, but on their newest ships, they’ve moved them away and instead put expensive cabins and suites on the front of the ship. The result is dark, cavern-like spaces that aren’t optimum for relaxation or motivation to work out. With Norwegian moving these venues to the front, they’re showing their commitment to making guests feel truly connected to the ocean. 

Mandara Spa on the Prima and Viva

mandera spa entrance on Norwegian Prima and Viva
The main entrance for both the fitness center and the spa is on deck 16

The Mandara Spa on the Prima and Viva is a beautiful space that will occupy two decks, 15 and 16. The spa is stunning, with a beautiful marble staircase going between the levels. In the center, the Vitality pool has a two-story indoor cascading waterfall. The room just screams relaxation.

therapy pool on Norwegian Prima and Viva
A two-story waterfall and two therapy pools make for ultimate relaxation

Throughout the spa, you’ll find 22 hot stone loungers, a popular cruise ship favorite. It’ll also have a variety of treatment rooms, a relaxation center, and eight different thermal treatment rooms. 

Experiential Showers

With multiple showerheads, lighting effects, aromatherapy, and a variety of temperatures, these experiential showers will blow your home shower out of the water. 

Floatation Salt Pool

The floatation salt pool uses warm, super-saturated salt waters to give guests the feeling of no gravity as they lay in the water. 

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are popular because they can heat the body without heating the air, giving the relaxation and muscle and joint relief of a heat treatment without making it harder to breathe. 

Charcoal Sauna 

charcoal spa on Norwegian Prima and Viva
The Prima and Viva will have the first charcoal saunas at sea

Norwegian is touting that these ships will have the first charcoal saunas at sea. A charcoal spa uses a heating system in the walls to increase the temperature to 86 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the walls are coated with charcoal to help “remove toxins from the body.” 

Ice Room  

A quick stop in the ice room will wake you up and invigorate you, especially if you just came from one of the hotter treatment rooms. 

Steam Sauna

Guests can find a traditional steam sauna to relax in before or after a good workout. 

Access to the Mandara spa

To access the spa and thermal suites, you will either have to buy a day pass or book a treatment. For guests who are all about the spa, there are 28 exclusive spa balcony staterooms that give premium access to the spa and thermal experiences. 

Pulse Fitness Center

pulse fitness center on on Norwegian Prima and Viva
The expansive front windows are lined with ellipticals and treadmills

The Pulse Fitness Center is great for guests who want to stay in shape on their cruise or work off all of the food they ate the previous night. It’s located on deck 16, using the same entrance as the spa. It takes advantage of the large windows in the front to bring in lots of natural light. 

The space is filled with cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals, as well as weight machines and free weights. Access to the fitness center is free to all guests. In addition, Norwegian will also offer yoga and spin classes for an additional fee. 

Yet another high-end addition to the Prima and Viva

The Mandara Spa and Pulse Fitness Center have a high-end look that seamlessly fits in with the rest of the ships. They feel much more premium than a mainstream cruise ship should. Will it make you work out? No, but it may motivate you to visit the gym and maybe give you a little extra motivation to run that extra few minutes on the treadmill. 

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