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The was built in . It's considered a size ship. Coming in at 0 ft long and ft wide, it's roughly the length of 0 football fields, as wide as 0 tractor trailers, and the same height as a -story building.

The can hold 0 based on double occupancy (two people per room) and more when you take into account 3rd and 4th passengers. When you compare the total tonnage of the ship to the number of passengers, the has a space ratio of . Depending on the ship, this number can range from 30 to 52 (with a bigger number meaning more space per person) so this ship has less space per person than average.

Gross Tonnage0
Passenger Decks
Passengers (double occupancy)0
Passenger to Crew Ratio
Space Ratio (tons of ship per passenger)

The is one of zero -class ships currently sailing with .

Dining Establishments on

Food is a big part of any cruise, and there will plenty on the . You have 0 different dining options to choose from. Of those options, are complementary, or included with your cruise fare. Since all the dining venues are included, you get to try all the different restaurants while on board without spending an extra dime.

RestaurantRestaurant TypeCostType of Food

In terms of drinks and cocktails, you have a variety of choices. serves the Coca-cola family of products. That means Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Barqs Root Beer, although the selection can vary by ship.

There are also plenty of bars available on this ship. Alcohol is not included in the base price of this cruise ship. To see if you would save money with a drink package, try our Drink Package Calculator.

Pools and Hot Tubs on

Nothing beats relaxing by a pool with a nice drink in hand as you feel the fresh sea breeze pass by you. The problem is that with thousands of people on a ship, there's not always room. If you want to spend all day in a pool, a cruise might not be the right choice. You would have a much better bet choosing a resort with a huge pool complex. That being said, a quick dip in the pool can be nice on a hot day.

The has a total of 0 pools and 0 hot tubs.

Total Pools0
- Pools - General Access
- Pools - Adults Only
- Pools - Exclusive
Total Hot Tubs0
- Hot Tubs - General Access
- Hot Tubs - Adults Only
- Hot Tubs - Exclusive


There are quite a few things to do on the . These are the main amenities that are available. Some are included in the cost of the cruise, while others have an additional charge.

Cruise Costs

is a premium cruise line. Premium cruise lines typically offer upscale food, accommodations, and service. These typically cost about $150 - $400 per person per day.

Cruise pricing is dynamic and varies for each specific sailing based on factors such as departure point, ports of call, and time of year.

Onboard Costs

Another way to gauge the cost of a cruise is to consider how much you'll spend on board. Even though a lot is included in the base cruise fare, you may still spend money on things like spa treatments, specialty dining, drinks, and excursions. In addition, guests can also have to pay for things like gratuities and tips.

Typically guests can expect to spend about 25 - 40% of the cost of the cruise on onboard expenses. In other words, if the cruise fare is $1,000 per person, you might spend between $250 and $400 on extra expenses.

The table below will help you understand what you might spend onboard a ship.

Base Daily Gratuities*
(Per Person Per Day)
Tip added to drinks & services
Soda Price
Domestic Beer Price
Drink Package Price
Internet Plan
*Daily gratuities for a standard cabin. Suites or specialty rooms may have higher rates.

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