Utopia of the Seas To Sail Short  3- and 4-Day Itineraries

Royal Caribbean finally announced more information about its newest ship Utopia of the Seas. While its other ship, Icon of the Seas, has been highly promoted and publicized, the Utopia of the Seas has been lurking in the background since Royal Caribbean first announced it in April of 2022. Now we finally have more information, and it’s pretty exciting. 

New short itineraries for Utopia of the Seas

The biggest news about Utopia of the Seas is that it will sail 3- and 4- cruises out of Port Canaveral (Orlando). Typically, the Oasis-class ships are reserved for 7-day or more sailings, but that meant people with limited vacation days or new cruisers who are reluctant to commit seven days of being on the ocean couldn’t sail this impressive class of ship. Now, with these sailings, guests can take a long weekend and enjoy one of the newest and biggest ships in the world. 

royal caribbean utopia of the seas at Perfect Day at CocoCay
Utopia of the Seas will sail short cruises to Perfect Day at CocoCay

These cruises will stop at Royal Caribbean’s private island Perfect Day at CocoCay. Royal Caribbean is integrating this destination into their marketing campaign, with their materials including information about the ship and CocoCay being used at the same time.  

Utopia of the Seas is another Oasis-class ship

Utopia of the Seas is the sixth Oasis-class ship in the fleet. It may confuse some because the Icon-class ship will debut six months before, but Royal Caribbean has a history of launching multiple classes of ships at once.

The Utopia of the Seas won’t be a drastic change from its sister ships, but it will be an evolution as their designs have changed over the years. It’ll also feature a new, cleaner burning fuel, liquified natural gas (LNG). 

utopia of the seas
Utopia of the Seas is the sixth Oasis-class ship

New for Utopia of the Seas

Izumi and Izumi in the Park

izumi in the park
Izumi gets prime real estate in Central Park with a new to-go window.

Utopia of the Seas will move the Izumi restaurant to the Central Park neighborhood. This larger space allows them to double the number of teppanyaki tables and add new al fresco seating. Royal Caribbean is also adding a new Izumi in the Park walk-up window for grab-and-go sushi and Japanese-inspired snacks for an extra cost. 

Izumi will take the place of the Italian restaurants on the other Oasis-class ships. Both of these changes are carried over from the design of Icon of the Seas.

Upgraded Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

giovannis italian restaurant on cruise ship
Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen gets super-sized to be 2 decks and adds a new terrace overlooking the Boardwalk.

The specialty Italian restaurant will move to a new location taking over what is Wonderland on the other Oasis-class ships. It’ll be super-sized to be two decks, and they’ll add a new outside terrace that overlooks the Boardwalk. 

Pesky Parrot Bar

pesky parrot caribbean bar
The Pesky Parrot is a new Caribbean-themed bar that replaces the Bionic Bar.

Utopia of the Seas will have a new Caribbean bar called Pesky Parrot. Located on the Royal Promenade, this bar will serve fruit-based cocktails made with rum, tequila, and gin, as well as frozen drinks. The Pesky Parrot will be where the Bionic Bar is found on other Oasis-class ships. 

Improved Ultimate Abyss Thrill Slide

ultimate abyss dry thrill slide
Ultimate Abyss is back and scarier than over with clear sections.

The Ultimate Abyss returns to Utopia of the Seas but gets a few upgrades. Royal Caribbean has added new zoom booster rollers for more speed and put in transparent portions over the AquaTheater section. It’s also 43 feet longer, making it the longest dry slide at sea. 

Immersive Dining Experience

train tunnel
Not much is known about the new “Immersive Dining Experience” but right now it’s said to be themed after a dining car on a train.

Royal Caribbean will introduce a new immersive dining experience on Utopia of the Seas. This specialty restaurant will feature multiple courses, destinations, and storylines. Royal Caribbean is still working on this concept and doesn’t reveal a lot of details, but the Royal Caribbean Blog was lucky enough to get a preview of an early concept, and it sounds really cool (read it here). At that time they were going with a dining car theme as depicted in the renders. 

Poolside Food Truck

food truck by pool
A new pool-side food truck means you don’t have to trek all the way to the Windjammer for a quite bite.

Royal Caribbean is adding a new “food truck” near the pool areas. This grab-and-go spot will feature handheld bites, so you don’t have to wander far from the pool for a quick snack. It’ll also offer another much-needed Coke Freestyle machine that is easy to access from the pool. 

Utopia of the Sea’s returning favorites from sister-ships

The Utopia of the Seas has a lot of carry-over from its sister ships, most notably the Wonder of the Seas, which included significant upgrades. That includes the completely enclosed Solarium at the front of the ship, the Mason Jar restaurant, The Vue bar, and the Suite Only neighborhood. Like Wonder of the Seas, Utopia of the Seas will also feature Caribbean-themed deck decor and super-sized Lime and Coconut bars on the pool deck. 

utopia of the seas

Some other notable favorites are:

  • AquaTheater
  • Studio B Ice Rink
  • Kid’s Splash Park
  • Children’s Play Scape
  • Carousel
  • Zip Line

Utopia of the Seas is the ultimate long weekend

Overall, Utopia of the Seas is shaping up to be the perfect cruise for a long weekend. It’s great for a group of friends, a family get-together, or just a trip to blow off some steam. With so much to do on board, there’s no way you’ll be able to see everything on the ship, but that just means you’ll have to plan another trip later on. 

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