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All about Royal Caribbean's La Patisserie

A place to go for sweets and treats. Get premium coffees or lattes, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, pastries and cakes.

What is the cost to eat at La Patisserie?

La Patisserie has a' la cart pricing of $2 - $5. Alcoholic drinks and soda cost extra.

Royal Caribbean uses "dynamic pricing" and so each ship/sailing may see different pricing for restaurants. We've listed the most recent information we've seen, but if you've already booked a cruise, look at your Cruise Planner to see the price that will be on your specific sailing.

What type of restaurant is La Patisserie?

La Patisserie can be categorized as a "Quick Serve" restaurant. This means that you place an order at a counter or window and then take your food to a nearby table or area. There's no waiter service in this type of restaurant and they usually have a more casual atmosphere.

When is La Patisserie open?

They're usually open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specific times and schedules may vary, so always check in your cruise schedule or app to see the exact times.

La Patisserie Menu

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Ships that have La Patisserie