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All about Virgin Voyages' Lick Me Til Ice Cream

While most cruise ships have complimentary soft-serve machines on board, here you'll find legit ice cream in delicious flavors.

What is the cost to eat at Lick Me Til Ice Cream?

Lick Me Til Ice Cream is included in the cruise fare so there is no additional cost to eat at this venue. Remember, beverages are not usually included and will be extra.

What type of restaurant is Lick Me Til Ice Cream?

Lick Me Til Ice Cream can be categorized as a "Quick Serve" restaurant. This means that you place an order at a counter or window and then take your food to a nearby table or area. There's no waiter service in this type of restaurant and they usually have a more casual atmosphere.

When is Lick Me Til Ice Cream open?

They're usually open for . Specific times and schedules may vary, so always check in your cruise schedule or app to see the exact times.

Ships that have Lick Me Til Ice Cream

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