All about Celebrity's Cyprus Restaurant

On the Edge-class ships, the main dining room has been replaced with 4 options, each with different cuisine. At the Cyprus Restaurant you'll experience Mediterranean inspired food. You'll find dishes like Moroccan lentil soup, Basque-style Cod, and broiled salmon.

What is the cost to eat at Cyprus Restaurant?

Cyprus Restaurant is included in the cruise fare so there is no additional cost to eat at this venue. Remember, beverages are not usually included and will be extra.

What type of restaurant is Cyprus Restaurant?

Cyprus Restaurant is a "Sit Down" restaurant. This means you have waiter who will take your order and bring you your food. It usually takes a bit longer than quick serve / to-go establishments, but has a nicer atmosphere.

When is Cyprus Restaurant open?

They're usually open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Specific times and schedules may vary, so always check in your cruise schedule or app to see the exact times.

Cyprus Restaurant Lunch Menu

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Cyprus Restaurant Dinner Menu

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Ships that have Cyprus Restaurant