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Last Updated on March 11, 2020

Ever since my first cruise (on the no longer in service Carnival Celebration) in 2004, I’ve been in love with cruising. The excitement of first getting on ship and exploring; that humbling feeling when you’re at sea and look out and see nothing but water for miles; the endless amout of food you can eat; and the adventures you can have. I love it. Even better, ships have gotten bigger with more and more attractions.

Because my friends and family know my passion, I often get questions about cruising and I’m more than happy to do research for them. In doing that research, I realized, there was no easy and quick way to compare different cruise ships. For example, how does the Norwegian Breakaway compare to the Carnival Horizon. Sure, I could look up the pages separately and do the math, but why isn’t there a page that quickly says “The Breakaway is 30% bigger than the Horizon, has 20% more people. It has 30 restaurants, half of them requiring an additional fee. So that’s why I originally set up this site.

I also realized there’s a lot of beginners who are just starting out cruising who have lots of questions. What’s a cruise like? Will I be paying a lot on board? Will I be bored? These are the kinds of questions I want to answer; so more people can find the cruise that’s right for them and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

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Randy Young

Randy Young is the founder and editor-in-chief at Cruise Spotlight. He has been in marketing for 19 years and has been cruising for just as long. Over the years, he's worked with products like TVs, copiers, light bulbs, and EV chargers, but cruising has always been his passion. There's nothing Randy likes more than the first couple of hours on a ship, exploring every nook and cranny and seeing how it's different from everything else out there. He's known for providing detailed and analytical coverage of cruising to help cruisers get a comprehensive picture of a ship's offerings.

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